Can’t stop won’t stop can’t stop won’t stop can’t stop won’t st-

just keep moving don’t think about the things you’ve left being the people you’ve left behind, you don’t need them and you never did. push forward onwards to better places don’t think about the things you’ll never be able to do the friends you’ll never make because you couldn’t stay still long enough to let anyone know you.

pack it all up- complain about all the things that weigh you down but forget why you wanted them in the first place forget why you have to leave- the going is hard enough, leave no room for doubt in your soul. It is as it is as it has always been.

hunt out the things you merely want to have- give them away   think of someone who can make you smile, a deserving heart for the things you wished to keep find someone whose day will be brightened by it and let it go.    possessions are a weakness of the soul

Collect the things you can take- addresses, phone numbers, knowledge, catch yourself sneaking trinkets of sentiment, beware the voice that says “it won’t take much space” your shoulders are heavy enough your pack too full-

Some days you will wake up ready to cut out a swath of your life and the possessions that go with it, like cutting a balloon loose from it’s weight- regret is not always so heavy after all, but beware the choice- what is willingly cast away never returns the same, and you will work twice as hard to be less than you were. still, it is something.

Above all, always keep moving  keep a weather eye out for new horizons keep an eye on the road  Doubt grows in the tired soul and scorpio knows better than to stop.


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Just another semi-confused soul in the endless aether.

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