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2 Legit 4 L8 Nite Shitposting

I threw together a song and it came out nice. It’s not terribly polished, but I’m okay with it and sometimes that’s enough.

I’m too legit to conform to late night shitposting.
I used to lie away at night and contemplate existence- 

think about the fragility of life while i stared at the clock, willing the numbers to slow down- 

time, the essence of life itself constantly plodding on

-But I moved on,

and I will tell you my secrets because it’s 4 in the morning somewhere and secrets are for spilling like the blood that spills from our bodies and the tears that don’t when we are hurt-

and we all hurt- 
time heals all things but there are an awful lot of people out there and I’d wonder if there’s enough time to go around 

but that’s gone now-

Time is a construct we made to ease our minds but it’s grown too small to hold our hearts

like bathrooms too narrow for our souls and in the end is is our bodies who suffer for us….
they say boxes are for squares but who cares when all I’ve known is a bed too short for my feet-

and you’d kill for a chair that won’t make your back ache- if they want to start with a blank slate then let them

but I need to rest for a few while I wallow in that and the fact-

life goes on while the skrubs get rekt and I don’t know if I’m playing the wrong server or the wrong game

but nothing matters because we’re all dying one day.
so you can keep your sadness all season long but I’m oceans ahead of you buddy

tripping on eternalism while you stumble on bud but that’s okay-

I just needed to believe in a world where tomorrow exists and I’m shitposting in it

because if I talk long enough I might speak something worth saying

instead of just praying to gods I don’t believe in to tell them about what I had for breakfast today
I’m too legit to conform to late night shitposting.

the void is coming for us all and I welcome the return to nothing where we all began

the big bang-

I’ll write my sorrows any time of day while you wait for it to kick in an hour past midnight

with cup in one hand and phone in the other

like a lover

but I’ve got work in the morning and anyway you probably only live once.