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I Was Not Prepared

That feel when you’re friend, who’s always seemed like a decent enough pretend douchy dudebro, explains to your friend and said friend’s┬áparents over casual conversation that he consciously chooses to date younger girls when he come back from studying overseas because.


He actually said

to my friend’s mom and dad

that they feel lesser and feel like they have to impress him as an senior.

it’s not the conclusion I drew he actually said, the words that came out of his mouth were “They’re easier to deal with and won’t start fights, or if there is a fight, they’ll apologize first” “the thing with dating girls my age is they think they’re equal” and basically that the problem is that they would,

get this

that they would stand up for themselves


holy SHIT.

like the basic gist was that they’re easier to manipulate

and the parentals were laughing and being all like “ahh, you clever fucker, nice, nice”

and i did not know that was a thing that people did consciously.

but I guess it is.

and I didn’t say anything

and the atmosphere remained cheery.

as they discussed a party the mother was throwing

and if there would be enough booze

enough food

enough girls.