Personality, Part Two

I think people are made up out of parts, pieces of this and that. elements of your life that you put together for viewers.

It’s like there are all these different sections in me, and decide what parts to bring out for what people.

Like a maze with spinning walls and secret passageways that I can rearrange so the path suits the walker.

For every person, I create a new path. Bringing some sections out and hiding others. Sometimes a well lit path with the clean study and the neat room,  most times simple and short. Respectable. Because I am a respectable person. Anyone who’s walked that maze will tell you.

Then there are my close friends. the closer you are, the more paths you’ll find. More forks in the road, more rooms to examine.

And for some, there is no path, no exit to be led to. The sliding walls are all open. The revolving rooms are stuck halfway. The secret passageways are all unlocked. nine thousand and one choices with no exit to this maze. Sometimes, there’s even a tentative map with the interesting bits circled in light pencil marks.


About inkywaters

Just another semi-confused soul in the endless aether.

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