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Late Night Writing

Bad things happen when I war with my friends during NaNoWriMo. Beautiful inane this that bring me joy.

Things like “We got ready to do X. We did X” keep happening when I’m stuck. WHY IS WRITING SHITTY FANFICTION SO HARD.
WHY. I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE EASY. Well, at least I can throw in a few agents in whenever I feel like it. And laser cannons.
Because laser are fucking awesome.


“lol praise stan for that” said draco.
We praised stan’s fucking beautiful face of hot sexiness.
Then we had to go to bed cuz stan was so fuckking amazing, so we went to bed.


“WAT DA HELL R U DOIN TO MY SKOOL MY CHILD” he shooted loudly.



“Trixy oh god stay wif me” cried voldimort sadli
“It has been a pleasure to serve you my loard” she said smiling. Then she died.