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Why Hello Again

It’s been a while, hasent it?

Well, I’ve had a few drafts kicking around, but nothing got  finished.
One of them has been chilling for over a month now, and I’ve kinda forgot my first intent with it.
I guess I’ll post it anyway soon. Just a few thoughts on fire.


I’m a bit of a writer, that is to say I write occasionally, but I rarely think it merits reading; I take my pleasure in the act of writing, be it ink on paper or the keyboard.
Having given story writing a try (NaNoWriMo), I realized it’s rather pointless for me to sit down and write seriously a story I love.

I read a lot. I love reading. Kids used to say I’d  end up marrying one and drilling a hole in it so I could fuck it. I pointed out that it’d ruin the book.

But I read subjectively, that is to say, I follow the tale. Good writing  is less noise between me and the story. Good writing gives me the chills, makes my hair stand on end. It can raise my heartbeat, cause my muscles to tense. But it’s not immediately noticeable.

I don’t think “The prose is delivered finely”, nor do I always understand why it is good writing. Hell, I had to look up “Prose” to be sure it what exactly it meant.  I don’t understand, I don’t have a feel for the structure.
It’s like I see a website and I don’t know how it’s coded, I don’t know exactly what it is, but it clicks, and I think “this is the froodiest webpage to grace my brain-juices.

So the result of all this is I end up writing a load or drivel where nothing happens.
Because, maybe I have an idea. A vivid dream.
Okay, maybe there’s a girl. She’s magic. She doesn’t know it yet And there’s a talking cat, also magic.
Maybe she runs through a back yard, when Bam! twilight zone time and she’s offered tea and cakes by magic people who will mentor her. And….

Well, therein lies the rub. She’s all set up good and I’ll drag it out because I don’t want bad things to happen to them.
I don’t have an epic quest, or a wyrd to seek. I’ll write to a point and I’ll be too comfortable to leave.
I don’t want them to suffer, or I don’t know how to translate the images I have into words and… well, Drivel.

But I have a plan.

I will write something that cannot be taken seriously. One of those so-bad-it’s-good bits. and I’ll take care to keep it bad. Because the only thing worse then shitty fanfiction is mediocre fanfiction.

Which is what I plan to write. Fanfiction. Fanfiction of fanfiction. The infamous My Immortal, to be exact.

Suffice to say, it’ll be an Ebony/Britany pairing (She is bi, remember?), I’ll explore the pasts (all dark and tortured, of course) of Hairgrid’s forbidden longings, why Vampire Potter fell for a prep, Brittany’s twisted upbringing, Dumbydore’s repressed life and more.

And now, I leave you with this. I found it when google auto-completed ‘Draco’ with ‘bonsoir. it is i draco malfoy. your lover’

Starts at 3:59