Honey Hooha. Do YOU need this? Yes.

As you may not know, I am in a writing group. I love it It’s called Year Of The Novel, And we hang out on IRC all the time and talk about writing*

We also bounce ideas off of each other. This was a especially notable one. Edited a smidge for readability

(6:23:41 PM) Samular: Listening to some “beauty” chick talk about cleaning her hoho with baby wipes, and using an extra sponge for her buttcrack because heaven forbid her ass doesn’t smell like roses.
(6:24:40 PM) Ciel: WHAT THE FUCK
(6:24:47 PM) Samular: Some chicks are retarded lol
(6:26:47 PM) ***Ciel sighs.
(6:27:02 PM) Ciel: People like that make me sad I have boobs.
(6:27:19 PM) Samular: Agreed
(6:27:49 PM) Samular: They’re all “Zomg, my coochie is dirty! it must smell like hibiscus and honey incase someone gets on their hands and knees and SNIFFS IT!”
(6:27:54 PM) Samular: Ahem…
(6:28:27 PM) Ciel: LMAO
(6:28:44 PM) Ciel: Duuuuude
(6:28:48 PM) ink: “hibiscus and honey” eh?
(6:28:55 PM) ***ink grins
(6:29:07 PM) ink: $.$
(6:29:09 PM) Ciel: if it smells like fish but tastes like chicken just plug yer nose and keep on lickin’
(6:29:40 PM) Samular: Damn straight, a real man doesn’t need a girly smelling coochie
(6:29:42 PM) ***Samular dies
(6:29:54 PM) ***Ciel falls over
(6:29:58 PM) Ciel: I KNOW
(6:29:59 PM) ink: I was thinking scented wipes. Lotsa ‘Natural’ herbs and shite
(6:30:10 PM) Samular: LOL!
(6:30:17 PM) Ciel: if they’re soooooooo dirty they MUST be able to grow!
(6:30:23 PM) Samular: Of course!
(6:30:35 PM) Samular: Hot glue some fucking rose pedals on your asshole
(6:30:37 PM) Samular: There you go
(6:30:42 PM) Samular: You now fart the scent of roses
(6:30:46 PM) ink: Maybe throw in some hibiscus and honey tea sachets with a year’s order!
(6:30:55 PM) Ciel: oh maaaan
(6:30:56 PM) Samular: LOL Yes!
(6:31:17 PM) Ciel: There is a special rea reserved for us now.
(6:32:02 PM) ink: Nice. Always a good idea ti make reservations
(6:34:02 PM) ink: “Honey Hooha(tm)!”
(6:37:34 PM) ink: “You there! Woman! Do YOU need honey in your hooha? YES! Smell your hooha. With this sniffing tube. (2.99) Is it like hibiscus and honey? It COULD bee like hibiscus and honey. Wouldent that be grand? Would it? YES. Yes it would. Place YOUR order now. While supplies last.
(6:37:46 PM) Ciel: lulz
(6:37:56 PM) Samular: Omg lol Ink, you’ve found your calling
(6:38:06 PM) Samular: Go now! Sell weird scents to stupid women to put on their hoohas
(6:38:16 PM) ink: There would be some shitty happy song playing
(6:38:30 PM) ***Ciel hs a fucking LOL over this.
(6:39:08 PM) ink: “hibiscus and honey! hibiscus and honey! hibiscus and honey, now pass me the money!”
(6:39:22 PM) Ciel: ….o.o;;;;;;;;
(6:39:35 PM) Samular: Wow! lol
(6:39:45 PM) Samular: You’ve got a whole telemarketing scam right there
(6:39:57 PM) ***Ciel snickers.
(6:40:31 PM) ***Ciel giggles madly.
(6:41:38 PM) ink: And images of carefree women soaring across the screen (badly shoped) for with a Honey Hooha set, why *wouldn’t* you? You can too!
(6:41:58 PM) Samular: Oh dear god, you need to STOP lol


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