So last night I was planing to go to bed early, say 11~12, but then, well, things transpired.
(Side note- “things transpired”should totally replace “shit happened” Or “Feces Transpired”)

So at 10:30PM* I decided to check out Endless Blue’s kickstarter, because Endless blue is totally minty.

Then I poked around.

If you’ve been on the interwebs, you know what this means.

However, this was not the main thing.

I found a machined steel pen, no, pen body made to fit a Pilot Hi-Tec C. It was kinda cool.

I poked more.

Fast forward a bit (It was a bit of a blur) It’s 12:53.

I’ve found three pen blogs, read over ten reviews on them, checked out thefountainpennetwork’s forum, and wanted to buy things.
I now have five pen reviews writ with the respective pen, three new pens, one new notebook and elastic (which I promptly lost)
*AND* a kickass Thomas the Tank Engine pen case.
All the good cases were TtTE or pink with slightly skimpy girls in miniskirts, and those were more flash then function.
However, they were pretty badass.


I guess I’ll post said reviews here anyway.

In compliance with Rule 32,* Pics or it didn’t happen:

Left:Notebook and reviewed pens. Right: New swag.

Is he *not* a badass motherfucker?

I also spent over half an hour in the  store.

That’s how I roll.
-ink 2012.4.7
*Or something


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