Don’t Care.

I’ve been thinking. which is a thing I do at times.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about how I am the most important person ever. In my world.

If  I don’t like someone, they can bloody well get out and stay out of it.
Now, I’m not saying everyone not-me is assholes, just that I matter more. My life is infinitely more precious then yours.

Allow me to explain.

Everyone is dying. The trick is to have the most amount of fun & happiness before snuffing it. Maybe you work a crap job. To get money.

Because you think money will make you happy. And having food and drink and internets often do that.

On the other hand, maybe some fella is happy with fasting on a cave for 40 days or something. Or driving around in a gold car singing Baby Got Back.

Anyway. You’ve no doubt seen something along the lines of 


Bad Ass Motherfucker, eh? So gangsta it hurts eh?

Now, I’m having myself a little chuckle about it, but to this dude, my opinion of him isn’t worth a shit. And it shouldn’t be.

Maybe he believes himself a Bad ass motherfucker. That’s a pretty good feeling, as feelings go. And you want to have the most good feelings you can before you kick the bucket, and woe betide anyone who would stand in your way.

The minor kink is that this applies to everyone else as well.

Say Mr. B. A. Motherfucker is getting all badassy in my face. This is stopping me from having a Pretty Good Time. I want to have a Pretty Good Time.

So I get him to piss off as best I can, be it by reinforcements, or a punch to the face.

It all balances out. How much Gangsta fun can one get without without the fun being ended by a good ol’ wenchslap to the face?

How much do I hold back my fun “for the long run”? Don’t sacrifice too much, unless the sacrifie makes you happy.

Remember, You’re more important then anyone else.

Except, of course, for me.


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Just another semi-confused soul in the endless aether.

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