The Book of Night With Moon

‎”I am the wind that troubles the water; I am the water, and the waves;

I am the shore where the waves break in rainbows; I am the starlight that shines in the spray.

I am the trees that drink the light; I am the air of the green things’ breathing;

I am the stone that the trees break asunder; I am the molten heart of the world.

Where will you go? To what place will you wander?

In vale or hilltop, still I am there…

Will you sound the sea’s depth, or climb the mountain? In air or water, till I am there;

Will the earth cover you? Will the night hide you? In deep or in darkness, still I am there;

Will you kindle the nova, or kill the starlight? In fire or deathcold, still I am there…”

-Pieced from So You Want to Be a Wizard, Diane Duane


About inkywaters

Just another semi-confused soul in the endless aether.

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