To whom it may concern:
Please refrain from referring to Anonymous as a static unit, e.g. Hacker group Anonymous, hacktivist group Anonymous, a representative/spokesman for Anonymous, etc.

Anonymous is not a group and can never be represented by a select group.
“We are legion,” think about it. Can one bee speak for the hive? One ant for the whole?
I come from Taiwan. Can I, one person, speak for the country?

Can my group of friends say “We are Taiwan, and we demand that the USA increase production of LOLcats by at least 50%, or we will distribute 5TB of american media in HQ copies”?
Remember that to be anonymous means there is no status other then what you make with words.
There is no rank. I can say I am the leader of taiwan,but you have only my word. “What most of anonymous thinks” is decided by the actions you observe.
Anonymous can never be of one mind.” Thank you.


About inkywaters

Just another semi-confused soul in the endless aether.

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